April 23, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 15

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DeAnza Cycle Park

DeAnza at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday April 12, 1975
By: Allan

Still another Saturday at DeAnza huddled under threatening clouds, but no rain fell, and the track which had been soaked with rain all week was quickly whipped into shape by the first riders out. 250 Expert Jeff Ritz was back on his monoshocker this week and showed what he could do with it by moving out into an ever-increasing lead. Keith Dysert (Hus) was moving some berms in pursuit.but lost a couple of gears and had to give it up after a few laps. In his place, 250 Intermediate Richard Anderson (Oss) gave Ritz a go for the lead and followed a few yards back all moto.

In the second moto, Chris Shaw (Hus) got the holeshot and held onto it until Ritz passed him by. Dysert managed to get his gearbox sorted out and chased Ritz for the entire moto, while Anderson again infiltrated the Expert ranks by slipping in between Dysert and Shaw on the final lap.

The final moto saw Shaw again out in the early lead. But Ritz, Dysert, and Anderson got past when he got out of shape. Ritz disappeared with his third consecutive lead and handily turned it into the overall. Dysert and Anderson had their own personal battle going until Anderson got past near the end to take a parting (but unsuccessful) shot at Ritz's lead.

250 Junior, Kim Walker (Hon) continued to get to the first turn first and showed what it takes to lead every lap of all three motos. Ian Zuniga was holding down second place until his CZ lost it's pipe. He didn't pull off, though-nosiree-he was just down a bit on power, and Tony Moon (Oss) got past him before the end. After that, with the pipe firmly in place, Zuniga chased Walker for the remaining two motos and picked up the second overall.

Larry Jacklin (Yam) put together a clean sweep of the 500 Beginner class, pursued by Blaine Jacklin (Yam) who took the second.

125 Intermediate Gary Cain (Hon) picked up the first moto lead and was pulling away from the pack when he did a get-off in the whoop-de-doo's, letting John Kubat (Hon) and Ron Cain (Suz) have at it, till Kubat took the win.

In the second moto, there was a lot of position swapping and close quarters dicing on the first couple laps, until Kubat again emerged with a narrow lead, which he firmly held to the end. The final moto was a duel for second place, since Kubat pretty much had the overall, and Gary and Ron ran a few yards apart right till Gary took the checkered flag.

Danny Burtt (Hon), 125 Junior, strengthened his hold on the six-week trophy lead when he followed in the wake of the Intermediate battles to make a clean sweep of his class.

Steve Ackerson did in the 125 Beginners on his swift Honda by running a rapid trio of races and making it three for three.