April 23, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 15

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CMC MX at Carlsbad Raceway

The start of the second moto and the 125 Pros head for the first turn, WFO and in high gear. SCENE photo.
The start of the second moto and the 125 Pros head for the first turn, WFO and in high gear. SCENE photo.

CMC at Carlsbad Raceway
Sunday April 13, 1975
By: The Scene
& Bonzai Billy

The AMA Qualifier and AMC's big bucks race took away quite a few of the Pros today, but there were enough to call it a usual CMC Carlsbad. But the Juniors and Intermediates came out in full force. Curtis Lessel grabbed the start in the first moto of 500 Pros on his Maico, but Precision's Bill Rubly quickly snatched it away. Right on Rubly's rear fender was Jeff Jennings, Jeff Whitherell, and Robert Zingg, all on Maicos, except for Jennings.

Rubly holeshotted the second moto, with Wes Sutton, Jennings, Whitherell, and Zingg not too far behind. It looked like a Rubly sweep, until he got to the uphill. Bill slowed his Maico to a stop, and he appeared to be inspecting his suspension, on the first lap! Well, this allowed Jennings to zap the lead away from Sutton, leaving him to dice with Whitherel and Zingg. With Jennings in the lead, the whole moto seemed out of shape, and I thought that somebody told me that this was Maico Country.

Rubly got started, he sure didn't look like he was in'too much of a hurry, but he sure was freightin' it. Things remained in it's place for quite a while, except for the fact that Rubly was catching and zapping riders with every lap. Bill passed Maico after Maico, until the on second to last lap, he met a CZ, with Jeff Jennings aboard. Bill shot past him and into the light with a first overall. Not bad for a little work. Coast Moto's Jennings grabbed two seconds for second place cash, while Jeff Witherell grabbed third, followed by Zingg, Lessel, and Sutton.

Mark McNulty rode his Monoshock 400 to a second and a first for a first overall in the 500 Junior class, with Husky-mounted John Hormuth grabbing second, Dennis Wilson took third on his CZ after winning the first moto and taking fourth in the last.

Steve Rhyan handily won his 250 Junior division on his Maico. Karsten Berg rode his Yamaha to second in the first division, with Terryl Peterson taking third.

Luc DeLey took first on his new CZ gas-shocker in the second division of 250 Juniors. Jim Hanley took second on his CZ. (Hey, Jim, see ya Saturday.) Greg Youngblood took third on his quick Can-Am. San Diego Coin Exchange's Dan Schramm took away two firsts for the win in division one, 125 Juniors. Pat Nash of K&G Racing gave him a hard time until he seized. Tod Gindraux grabbed second, while Mark Van Camp took third.

CRT's David Gerig smoked his class on his Suzuki, doing some radical cross-ups off the drop. WTE's Scott Davies combined a 2-3 score for second, while CRTs Eddy Kubota scored 4-2 for third on his SuzkiSuzuki. In the 100 Junior class, CRT's Gorki Moore, Gray Fukuda, and Danny Dilkey of DSI had a tremendous dice going in the second moto. The three "Three Musketeers" weren't more than a few yards apart. The Suzuki three-some broke up when Gary Fukuda's Boge shock broke which flung the spring and hit Dilkey. Moore took first, Dilkey second, and Rick Miller grabbing third on another Suzuki.

Randy Miller handily beat the Mini Juniors on his XR, while Eric Stone took second, followed by Rick Atkings in third.

Don't forget: Sambo's at Saddleback next week. It's going to be the SCENE of fun-eating.