April 9, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 13

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Moreno Valley MX at De Anza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday March 29, 1975
By: Allan

Unlike just about everywhere else, there was no wind at De Anza this Saturday, and with a clear sky the track remained in fantastic shape all day.

Kim Walker (Hon) worked his way to the front of 250 Junior ranks right from the start of the first moto and had little trouble staying there. Tony Moon (Oss) pretty well locked up second when Bob Guernsey (CZ) dropped out of the chase with pipe problems. The next moto saw Walker again out in front, but Chuck Roller (Yam) weaseled into second and held off Moon for the duration. Walker continued his sweep in the third moto, while Roller motored around Moon within the first couple laps to pick up the second overall.

In the 500 Beginners, Keith Wisegarver (Yam) did a job on his class by stringing together three victories. Larry Jacklin (Yam) and Ronny Little (Yam) each split the seconds and thirds for a tie, until Little DNF'ed in the final moto and gave Jacklin the second, followed closely by third-place Blaine Jacklin (Yam).

The 125 Intermediates fired off as a tight group, with Clint Carman (Hon) taking the early lead. Herb Carbaugh (Hon) got past him, though, shortly before Carman lost compression and pulled off. Not far behind was a three-way duel between Pete Peterson and Gary Cain, who were both Honda mounted, and Ron Cain, flying California Suzuki colors. No positions changed throughout the moto, but no one stretched out any leads either. In the second moto, Peterson got the holeshot and never looked back. Carbaugh put on the pressure until his pipe got wiggly, and he was forced to back off. John Kubat (Hon) came alive and dashed into the pursuit of Peterson, followed by the neck-and-neck battle of Ron and Gary Cain. Once again, no positions changed, but the gaps were beginning to close up near the end. In the final moto, Peterson again took the lead. Then he laid it down at the end of the straight and Carbaugh took over-briefly-until Kubat flashed past a lap later. Ron Cain worked clear of traffic and made up time in the tight sections so that he was closing on Carbaugh, but time ran out before anything became of it, and Carbaugh took the overall.

In the 125 Juniors, a three way tie quickly developed between Robert Casper (Hon) and Mark Ellis (Suz), who each shared a third and a first, and Danny Burtt (Hon), who had an even pair of seconds. In the final moto, Bill Gonzales (Hon) who wasn't even in the final running, delivered a nice holeshot and led flag to flag. Casper staged an impressive aerial get-off while in pursuit, letting Burtt and Ellis take over. They closed up the gap, but neither needed the win to collect the overall, just a lead over the other guy. By the end, Burtt still had a solid hold of second, and he was the one who got it.

Steve Ackerson (Hon) was showing a smooth style as he stretched out a lead over the 125 Beginners. Will Lloyd (Pen) and Rick Eaton (Hon) were battling off each other and traffic a short ways back, but when the checkered flag fell in the final moto, Lloyd was the one who had the second overall.