April 9, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 13

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Kevin Thompson

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395 Cycle Park

Kevin Thompson took second place in the 100 Novice division out at 395 Cycle Park during some hot competition.  Jackson photo
Kevin Thompson took second place in the 100 Novice division out at 395 Cycle Park during some hot competition. Jackson photo

395 Cycle Park at 395 Cycle Park
Sunday March 23, 1975
By: Phil

The course was run the original way today but with more sand removed and another jump made. Riders were pleased and the officials say it will stay that way for the next race. Mechanical problems threw several good riders out of the winner's circle.

Jack Boone was out of Open Novice competition for the first two motos but when he got his Yammie going-it got first in the last moto on his first ride in the Open Novice class. Kevin Thompson came on like a tiger in the first moto of the 100 Novices winning first place and 400 points for Apple Valley Hi. His sick Suzuki kept him out of competition the rest of the day giving his high school rival Jay Burgum a chance at the brass and a total of 1100 points for Victorville. Another rider with the plague today was Charlie Mazzei on a new 125 Suzuki. Proving the talent was there if he could get the horses. Charlie won the first moto to lead his competitors for first when his steed bolted in the third moto giving Charlie a DNF and a seventh overall.

Ms. Starr Kimpston was on her way to wrapping up her first first-place trophy when her chain fell off while she was leading the third moto. This gave her rival Kevin Garlick the chance he needed to win first overall on his first race. Kevin shows natural talent and he is one to be watched when he enters the Novice ranks next race. Talent is all in the family with big brother Arthur winning third in the 125 Beginners.

Adelanto's desert racers won their first motocross race today. In 125 action. It was Mike Ostrander copping second in the 125 Beginner and Steven Byrd winning first in the Minibike Beginner.

Victorville High copped the High School Hi Point Award today and widened their lead over Apple Valley for the perpetual trophy presented by B and B Yamaha of Victorville.

One of the most exciting races of the day was the 250 Beginners when Honda mounted Wayne Gann and CZ mounted Monty Blurton took the green flag in the third moto each with a first and a second behind them. Gann grabbed the lead with Blurton pushing hard and driving him all the way for seven laps. 40 percent instant trophys wrapped up an accident free, sunny day of racing.