April 9, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 13

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Kevin Tucker

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AME-MX at Indian Dunes Park

Kevin Tucker and his new Husky are really looking quick out at Indian Dunes during AME night racing on Fridays. Hatounian photo.
Kevin Tucker and his new Husky are really looking quick out at Indian Dunes during AME night racing on Fridays. Hatounian photo.

AME at Indian Dunes
Friday March 28, 1975
By: Chris

A $600 purse and some mighty fine weather were what gave alot of Pros an excuse to come out to American Motocross Enterprises' night MX at Indian Dunes. There was a full house of talent, but when the results were finally tallied, the big money winners were Jim Hale, Willy Harper, and Jim West. None of the riders could clean sweep their races, but they were the most consistent.

In the 125 Pro class, it was Kolbe Honda sponsored Jim Hale topping the list. He had to do some heavy duty racing to take the win, but he was up to the challenge. In the first moto, Hale had his troubles as Mike Pillar grabbed the lead and held it for the win. Pillar was WFO and looking good, as he won moto one. Hale had to be content in third.

The second moto was another story as Jim wanted to win this one badly. He grabbed the hole shot and continued on to win the moto. He held the lead for the entire race. The Kolbe Honda purred it's way in for the second moto win, securing first overall for the Thousand Oaks resident. Giving him some trouble in the second moto was Bultaco rider Rob Rollins. Rollins had his bike running just right as he took second in the second moto. First round winner Pillar had to be happy with a third for the second go round.

So Hale and Pillar were tied for points with the nod going to Jim with his last moto domination. Pillar copped second and Rollins collected third. In the 250 Pro class, the Revell's Raiders were out in force, ready to ravage the class. Their top dog was Willie Harper, AME's Numero Uno. Will was really moving on his hot CZ, but he only won one moto. The first moto was a complete run away for Revell rider Don Hansea The Maico man was really looking good. His Maico was out-powering everything on the track. In second was Harper, and he was able to hold it all the way.

Trying to give him touble was West Cycle's Mike Lacy and Wes Sutton. They were going back and forth and forth and back until Lacy finally took over third and that was that. In the second moto, things happened a bit differently. Harper got his bike off the line in the lead and that was that. Apparently he did something right, since earlier that day his bike was in pieces. But now it was all together and smoking the Pro class.

Hansen was now in second, unable to catch teammate Harper. Lacy and Sutton were again having at it in the third and fourth spot with again Lacy taking the decision. Overall, it was Harper taking the win with his 2-1 finish, Hansen held second overall, making it a 1-2 sweep for Revell's and third place went to Mike Lacy on his West Cycles bike. In the Open dass, there was some real racing as Jim West and Billy Payne pulled up to the line. Also ready to race were Dave Haugh and Chris Bartlett.

There was going to be quite a battle between West and Payne, but Billy had a few problems staying on two wheels, so West got the decision. West, riding for Triumph-Suzuki of Pomona, was looking fine as he raced their Chinda Leleck special four-fin bike. He can really make the GP Replica haul. He rode in for a 1-2 finish for the night securing first overall. Revell rider Payne, on the other hand, won the other moto, but could only get a third in the last. From what it looked like, if Billy could have stayed on two wheels, he would have won. He kept falling, dropping back, then getting back OTG and passing riders making up time.

Either way, he ended up with second overall. Third place fell to Bultaco-mounted Dave Haugh. The speedy Open class rider had his hands full with the other two and with Chris Bartlett. In the hotly contested 100 Expert class, it was Flying Mike Brown taking the overall win on his Yamaha. Giving him some trouble was Craig Penrod and Norm Brown. These two were riding Suzukis. Hacienda Honda's Bobby Jones swept the Mini Expert class. He was riding high as he swept the class with Dave Graham taking second and Jimmy Simons taking third on his Yamaha.

The 125 Junior class was topped by Bobby Kline. Since he moved into the 125 class, he has been un-stopable. He and his Honda really move.