March 12, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 9

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AMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

CMC at Ascot Park
Sunday March 2, 1975
By: Valerie

AMC had a really good turnout today. Especially in the Pro class. There weren't a lot of riders-just a lot of big name • riders: 250 Pro, Jeff Borden, 500 Pros, Scott Montgomery and Jeff Poland, and 125 Pros, Ron Turner and Jeff Smith. 100 Junior Yves Halliburton was out in front both motos and took first overall. Ron Flores was fast today and got second. The only 100 Expert that was there today was Richee Collins and boy, did he go fast! Obviously, he got first. The Mini Beginner class was a normal one. Brad Izzo got a first both motos and first overall. Danny Baker and Rich Maibe were battling it out and Danny ended up with second, although Rich was giving him a hard time.

Kavin Bowden won the Mini Junior class. Craig McKee took second, and Davee Collins got third. 125 Pro John Smith was holding off 250 Pros Jeff Borden and Steve "Muff Montague of Coast. All three were riding just about the fastest I've seen them ride in a really long time. Prom what I could see, it looked as though they were running the Open 250 and 125 Pros together. 250 Pro, Jeff Borden, got the hole shot, but 125 Pro, John Smith, soon took the lead and was way ahead of Jeff, although Jeff was way out in front of the other 250 Pros. 125 Experts, Ron Turner and Terry Turner then proceeded to battle it out for second. Ron won the battle and then went after John Smith, but no luck. John was way out there. 500 Pro, Jeff Poland moved up from behind and into first position in his class.

125 Pro, Ron Turner, was moving up quite a bit, but not enough to catch John Smith. 250 Pro, Jeff Borden had some problems when he dropped it on the hairpin. His shocks blew up. He lost quite a few places, but went on racing anyway. Then bad luck struck 125 Expert, John Smith. He didn't drop it or anything like that. His seat just came off. Great And Ron Turner was gaining on him pretty quickly. Well, that was it for John Smith's great lead. Ron Turner took John after the downhill. Then Ron Turner started lapping and passing people left and right! Steve See then passed Ron and another battle started for first Although Steve was a lap down. I noticed that the King of Motocross was out there again today: "Mike Motocross"! Ron Turner finished first, John Smith second, and Terry Turner third. (Those were the 125 Pros).

Oh boy, I don't really know about this race. It was sort of confusing. Again, they ran 12S Beginners and the Juniors together. 125 Junior Shane Smith, was in last to start with, but moved himself up to sixth on the first lap. That kid is really a fast one! John Joseph had the lead, and the hole shot, but Rod Guinto was fast and right behind him. Mark Mariott was holding third. But that hotshoe, Shane Smith, took him over too. Just like he did to the other riders who were in his way. Now Shane was going after the top two riders. Wow! I just noticed that Shane's got a mono-shock Kawasaki. Shane's dad, Rich Smith, just started a new welding shop, so if you need your bike welded, this is the man to see. I hear he does some really great work.

There was a Powder-Puffer out there today! Hurray for her! She didn't do very good, but at least she was out there snowing that she's got the guts. Gorki Moore was right up there until he dropped it on the hairpin. I guess it must be pretty slippery up there today. Rod Guinto now was in the lead, but had heavy duty competition behind him. Shane Smith from Kon-Tiki was one, and John Josepho was another. Rod Guinto won the race. Mike Yada and John Josepho were right up there too. Shane finished third and Gorki Moore ended up with a broken pipe and a DNF.

The 125 Intermediate class was an interesting one. All the riders were spaced out pretty far. So far, that the classes got really mixed up. Robbie Douthit was way out in front. Bill Haney stayed in second and Kirk Matkin held third.

There were, it seemed, a lot of outstanding riders in the 250 Beginning and Juniors. Mike Said was in fifth place and moving up until he bit the dust on the turn in front of the score tower. Then Bill Dennis proceeded to pass Mike Said and so did the rest of the pack. Rich Rasmusson then took a really big lead and Bruce Coletti fell right behind him. The same place Mike Said did it. Couldn't be that they're trying to fall on purpose, could it? Oh, well. Once again 250 Pro,, Jeff Borden definitely got the hole shot. Wailing! Then both Ron Turner and John Smith (125 Experts) passed Jeff. Again the battle was between Ron Turner and John Smith. The next and just about as big battle was between 500 Pro Jeff Borden and Coast Moto Cycle's Steve Montague. Borden's shocks blew up on him last moto, but he finished fourth anyway. Jeff Poland wasn't doing anything the second moto. I guess he got a bad start. By about the third lap, 125 Pro, Ron Turner was still wailing and as fast as usual, 125 Pro, John Smith, was really flying fast and was right in back of Ron. 250 Pro Jeff Borden trying his hardest to hold first, but lost it to Tom Cole. Finally on about the fourth or fifth lap, Jeff Poland started moving up. All the spectators quieted down for awhile when Ron Turner came around the score tower and John Smith wasn't behind him. What happened? Well, I don't know yet, to tell you the truth. He either broke or fell. Ron Turner went zipping by three times now and no John Smith. It turned out that John's bike blew up. The transmission.

500 Pro, Jeff Poland moved up to first. Jeff Borden was also in first. Jeff Poland was really doing bad today, although he was in first. Ron Turner won the 125 Pro class. Well, it turns out that the Powder Puffer was Pam Miles. Everyone thought she was really fast. . She usually wins the desert races. No doubt she'll improve on the MX track with a little more practice. Michael Halberstadt won the Open Intermediate class, no sweat Tony Pena took second, and Steve Szriber hung in there to get third

Greg Saari won the Open Junior class today. He and Steven Atwood were both wailing. Jim Lesser was getting radical today. He looked really good. Anyway, Steven Atwood took second, and Jim Lesser gassed it for third. There were only three Open Beginners today. They all stayed in the same places for both motos. Ray Baum took first overall. He held first for both motos. Kevin Moore also held his own. He got second overall and Richard Cowdon flew into third. AMC ran a really fine race today. They had quite a few spectators today too! Oh, yeah, Ron Turner, you ran a good race.