March 12, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 9

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High School Motocross at Corona Raceway

SAM at Corona Raceway
Friday February 14, 1975
By: Terri

Cold weather and a good turn out of both riders and spectators set the scene for Corona Raceway on Feb. 14 for the weekly High School Motocross.

Kubidoux chalked up 155 points to take the overall win for the night, with Alta Loma scoring 88 points. Eisenhower tallied 74, Pomona got 41, and Reghetti 19.

Alan Thompson (Rubidoux, Yam) would get a good lead at the beginning of each moto, and Jim Moore (Rubidoux, Hon) kept a close (but not close enough) second place spot.

David Williams (Rubidoux, Hon) swept up the overall win in the 125 Senior class. Williams held off Robin Ritchie (Rubidoux, Hon) and Mark Cook (Rubidoux, Hon) in the first moto, and Jim Lowe (Alta Loma, L&L) in motos two and three.

Lowe and Ritchie battled for second place, and in moto two Ritchie took it, and Lowe claimed it for the third moto.

Ritchie placed second, and Lowe third overall.

There was a free-for-all for the overall win in the 175 Senior class. Jim Lowe (Upland, Hon) took first in moto one, Russ Hadley (Rubidoux, Suz) claimed first in the second moto, and Joe Feld (Alta Loma, Suz) got it in the third moto. Feld and Lowe tied in points for the overall win, Feld getting first, and Lowe taking second overall.

Williams came back in the 250 Senior, class to capture the overall win again. Drew Porto (Eisenhower, Mai) got straight seconds, and Stan Rice (Reghetti, CZ) took third.