March 19, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 10

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AMA MX at Four Corners Motorcycle Park

Mike McGowan tries the inside line to get around Randy Burns while racing down San Diego way.  Little photo.
Mike McGowan tries the inside line to get around Randy Burns while racing down San Diego way. Little photo.

AMA at Four Corners Cycle Park
Sunday March 9, 1975
By: John

Today was the day for mudders. Most of the time at Four Corners after some rain the track is in perfect shape, but this time there was too much rain and parts of the track was nothing but mud. Some of the riders really took a mud bath. Lars Larsson, who has more experience then any Open rider out here today, showed them how to ride in the mud. Larsson, on his Penton, led all the way 'till the last lap in the first race then shock problems happened. He was bottoming out which slowed him down allowing Chip Howell to slide his Husky around Lars and win moto one. Larsson was second and Kenny Frost riding a Penton for Poway Suzuki, took third after stalling in a water hole off the start.

The second 20 min. moto Larsson went all the way in front to win. This time Ed Andrews (Yam) took second in front of Chip Howell who settled for third, Tom Omelina (CZ) was fourth. Nice to see Tom riding after the spill he took two weeks ago, only sign of the fall is a tooth missing, you don't look too bad without that tooth Tom. In the Open Amateurs, Dan Ellison (Bul) took both motos, and Steve Atwood got two seconds. Before I go on I just have to say all the riders who are sponsored by Alba Bultaco in Chula Vista, really looked good in their new jerseys, blue and white with their names on the back, makes it easy to tell who is who. They sure didn't look good at the end of the day though, muddy.

The 250 Expert and Amateurs were in the slop now. Mike Stearns is riding a Montesa for Suzuki of California. In the first moto the Montesa stopped running Mike DNFed this race, the next race, after some repairs Mike won easily. Mike McGowan rode a couple of laps in the first moto then I didn't see that Kawasaki the rest of the day. Don't know what happened. Jeff Mathews (Kaw) won the first moto and didn't finish the second. I think the mud is taking it's toll..Anyway Troy Stallings (KTM), another rider from Poway Suzuki, took the overall win, and Jim Martins Yamaha came in the second spot.

Troy Stallings and his Penton took the overall win in the 250 Expert class, despite all the slop.  Little photo.
Troy Stallings and his Penton took the overall win in the 250 Expert class, despite all the slop. Little photo.

The 250 Amateurs, I'm lost, Gerald Stewart (Mon) was up there along with Bill Klepper (Bui) and Stewart Hale (Yam) but how they finished, I give up. Ron Turner, our number one 125 rider for District 38, showed up today. I haven't seen Ron for awhile, as he has been riding mostly CMC. Ron showed them why he has that number one plate, riding a new Honda for a new sponsor, there was no one to touch him as both motos were won easy. A man by the name of Dave Nordick, who has a trucking firm is Ron's new sponsor. Good luck when you take to the road, which I hear will be soon. The only rider out there who stayed anywhere near Ron was John Tessitore on his Bandit, who got two seconds. John's thinking about getting a new bike watch out!! Dennis Curtis and his Honda didn't mind the mud too bad as he got the third spot twice.

Dan Fritz (Hon) in the second moto came across the finish line first for the Amateurs, second was Doug Knudson, Joe Santich, and Fritz all on Hondas. One thing that warmed me, was to see a new girl rider, she's Niki Kellogg on a 125 Yamaha. Watch out Noni this one looks like she will be good with a little experience. Niki went down in the mud a few times today, but she still looked good for her first time racing. Noni Wilson (Suz) won both motos for the girls with Mimi Selly (Hon) second and Niki third.

In the first heat of 125 Novice riders getting the win was Rich Ruggiero on a Elsinore, also on a Honda, and getting second, was Dwane Patterson, same kind of bike for third was John Welch. The second heat the battle was for first bet-ween Steve Carson (Horn and Jack Clawson iKawi. Jack led all the way till about half a lap to go when Steve passed on the down hill, then up the hill Steve missed a shift and Jack slid by for the win. In their second heat Steve was doing the leading, then his Honda stopped running, so Jack took his Kawasaki to another win, six in a row now.

In the 250 Novice class I think there was a little mix up at the finish of the first moto, the win going to number 114 where I believe it should have been number 210. But the riders involved went up and got things right, very good sportsmanship on their part. Scoring was really hard with all the mud over everything. Anyway this is the way I have them finishing. Larry Daily (Bul) first, Bruce Smith i Husi second and Dennis Duty i Suzi was third. This was the order for both 20 min. motos.

The Open Novice class, they were dropping out like crazy then coming back lots of no finishers. The only thing I know for sure is Floyd Key took the overall win with a second and a first, riding something. I missed what kind of scooter he was on. Tom Hart (Bul) was first in moto one and didn't finish the second. Getting the overall second was Vincent Palazzo on a Yamaha, with a third and a second. As the day ended one thing all these riders are looking forward to, I'm sure is a shower!! It's been fun.