March 19, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 10

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Moreno Valley M.C. at De Anza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Sunday February 23, 1975
By: Gus

Mike Jackson came on strong today at De Anza on his new 360 Husky as a host of Pros tried their hand at getting a share of the $600 dollar purse that Moreno Valley M.C. had up for grabs.

As the first Open Pro moto got under way, Mike Jackson fell and was a quarter of a lap down when he finally got back on two wheels and took after the pack, and zapped all of them to take the first moto win. Behind Jackson Dennis Hazlett and Mark Sullivan were dicing for second spot, with Hazlett holding onto second and Sullivan grabbing a close third. Second moto action saw Jackson having trouble staying on two wheels, while Kevin Galloway had a lead that he held to the checkered. Hazlett again took a second to give him top money, while Jackson took home second and Galloway third place cash.

Top money winner in the 250 Pro class was Robert Elliott holding down two consistent seconds. Russ McAfee, after a bad start the first moto, worked his way up to fourth at the finish. The second moto was another story though, as the Kelsey Alloys rider grabbed the lead at the start and ran away with the moto netting him second place money. Dave Zahrt collected third place money with a 7-3 record. Ray Topham had won the first moto by a large margin, but a poor second moto finishing prevented him from getting in the money bracket.

After losing a chance at top money last week at De Anza to a head gasket, Dave Williams came back strong and took both of the thirty minute motos with his stylish riding ability, led the way for the other 125 Pros. Second spot went to Rob Zamora, while Shane McDonald rode a determined second moto and was able to pass Zamora and Clint Carman to take third place cash with a 4-2 record.

In the 250 Junior bout, John Myerscough came out on top with a 4-4-1 record. Chris Clark compiled three consistent thirds to take second overall ahead of third place John Grabavch. The Open Junior race looked to be Don Davis all the waw, but he broke the last moto and spoiled his overall standings. After a poor first moto finish Gerald Williams put his big bore Kawasaki into the lead the remaining two motos and was never challenged for top brass.

In the Intermediate action Bob Bragg took the Open class, while Jeff Ritz took the 250's, and Ray Mcneil the 125's. It was Wayne Sandrik all the way in the 125 Beginner class, while a young lady named Terri Bender second over third place Steve Ellington. The 125 Junior racing saw another clean sweep as Jay Powell won all three motos handily. Ken Mattson compiled three seconds for second place brass, and Mark tester came back from a poor first moto finish to grab third

In the 100 class it was Danny Burtt winning the Juniors, while Ralph Turnbull done a grand slam number on the Beginners. Mini Experts, Joey Hamilton and Bobby Hart were seen neck and neck each moto,-but by the end of each moto Hamilton pushed his J-H Honda to the limit to take the top honors in the class.

Little Bob Powell put in three impressive wins in the Mini Beginner class, while Larry Stranger took second and Gordon Ward third.

Sorry there aren't any 250 and Open Beginner results, as some joker ripped them off the results board before they could be taken in. Nuff said.