February 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 4

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CMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

CMC at Carlsbad Raceway
Sunday January 26, 1975
By: Valerie

Today seemed to be a good turnout for CMC. Lots of big name riders, lots of spectators, and best of all, lots of good racing.

The 500 Intermediate class was a quick one. Lynn Vick took the overall win, but Rick Larson and Jim Kramer were both giving him a bad time. Rick ended up with two thirds, giving him second overall and Jim Kramer got a fourth and a fifth, giving him a third overall.

Mike Calascibetta won the first 500 Junior class moto. Ken Fullner took a second and Mike Hendrix took a third. The second moto gave Mike Hendrix the first overall, Ken Fullner took second, and Mike Calascibetta ended up with third.

Pete Smith took the 250 Intermediate class with practically no sweat at all. Mike McClung hung in there for a second, and Arron Bassett cleaned up, finishing third overall.

The first 250 Junior division was fast and furious. Mark Asbury got first both motos. He really looked good today. Angelo Hammond got a second and third, giving him a second overall. Jim Slaughter was doing really well and was passing quite a few riders, ending up with a third overall.

Luc Deley won the first 250 Junior second division moto with Mike Harms in second and Richard Anderson in third. The overall positions went like this: Mike Harms, first; Luc Deley second; and Richard Anderson, third. It was a pretty good race. 125 Intermediate Jeff Tomlin was battling it out with Kevin Crawford and Joe Plante. Jeff finally finished first overall, Kevin second, and Joe third. That was a good race.

The first 125 Junior division was off and running. Darrell Hutchins got a second the first moto, but finished first overall. Jeff Voss got a sixth the first moto and a first the second moto, giving him a second overall. Jon Lewey was giving Jeff Voss a hard time, but Jon finished third overall anyway.

Bill Byron won the second 125 Junior class by a long shot, but Rod Miller and Jeff Leway were the ones that were really fighting it out. Rod got second overall and Jeff took third. The 100 Junior class was a very very good one. Brian Myerscough was on an 80 and lapped both Steve Gavin and Bill Flour who were both on 100's. Brian won the 100 class on his 80. Steve got second overall and Bill got third.

The Mini Junior class was another good one. Mark Guinto got first overall, Ralph Longo got second overall, and Bob Rowell got third. Today...great day, great racing. CMC put on an another perfect race.