February 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 4

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Moreno Valley MX at De Anza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday January 25, 1975

The 125's ran with the 250's this week at De Anza, and with the new hairpin section just before the drop-off there was a wide variety of styles as the smaller bikes tried to pick up time on some of the bigger ones. 250 Intermediate Jeff Ritz (Yam) was pulling off his usual roust of the 250's while the 125 Intermediates were busy ducking rocks and moving through the pack.

Brent Price, 125 Intermediate, who seems to have a talent for winging off the line first, pushed his Norris-Roberts Honda into an early lead, followed by Pete Peterson (Hon) and Junior Peter Schaffhauser (Hon). Peterson got out of shape after a couple of laps and went down, letting Schaffhauser slip in behind Price, who managed to hold him off for most of the race until he missed a shift, and Schaffhauser moved into the lead, holding it till the end.

The second moto saw some three-way dicing as Schaffhauser made his move past the two Intermediates to pick up the lead once more. Price and Peterson dogged his (and each other's) heels right up till the white flag lap when Peterson slithered past Price for the Intermediate win.

For the final moto, first was still up for grabs, and Price got another hole-shot as his opening bid. As it turned out, it was all he needed, because Peterson and Schaffhauser got trapped behind a rapid 250 for most of the race, and by keeping up his pace, Price put his time to good use and gradually pulled away. By the time they broke free, he was uncatchable, and the overall was already his.

The 125 Beginners were set a very rapid pace by Chris Collins (Hon), while Joe Feld (Suz) and James Burrows (Hon) latched onto second and third. Danny Bunt (Hon) worked up through traffic to capture fourth, and that was the way everyone remained right to the finish. In the next moto, Collins once again disappeared with the lead, and Feld and Burrows fell in behind him, once again getting second and third. At this point, it looked rather easy to predict the overall winners, but then came the last moto. In the first couple turns, there was some tangling between the leaders, and out of the confusion emerged Steve Ackerson (Hon) out in front, tailed by Burtt and Burrow. Feld came around way back in traffic, and Collins ended up in dead last. So the points leaders were suddenly out of scoring position. Burtt managed to get past Ackerson to take over the lead, followed shortly by Burrow. Out in the clear, the pair kept on the gas all the way to the checkered. With this first place finish, Burtt moved up into third place, Feld had enough for second, and Burrow, who had been the most consistent, earned himself the overall.