February 19, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 6

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CMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

Rocket Rex Staten took the win in two classes this past Sunday at CMC competition. SCENE photo.
Rocket Rex Staten took the win in two classes this past Sunday at CMC competition. SCENE photo.

CMC at Carlsbad Raceway
Sunday February 9, 1975
By: Valerie

The only way anyone could be comfortable watching the races today was to wear a gigantic Artie jacket, snow boots, a snow hat, mittens, a scarf and who knows what else. I guess there was really no way you could keep dry unless you stayed inside a car, van, or camper. Even though it was pouring down rain, the track was in good condition and a lot of riders (and spectators) showed up. It wasn't really raining all that hard, but it was drizzling steadily. Talking about rain, last week in the desert it was pretty sunny and warm, but everyone could tell there was going to be rain soon. Everybody was trail-riding and flat-tracking on Mini bikes and three wheelers.

That's just about what everyone was doing today, riders were really slipping and sliding all over the track. The Open Pros went first. Rex Staten did some fast riding and took first both motos. Gary Semics was on the gas and took second the first moto and fourth the second one. Frank Fitzgerald got third overall today with a fifth and a third. Rex took first, Gary had second, and Frank got third. David Tanis in the 500 Intermediate class got a first overall today, which was sort of surprising because Lynn Vick seldom gets beat here at Carlsbad. Lynn got third overall today and David took first. Another Intermediate that was flying today was David Biddlecombe. He deserved a good position and got one: second overall. 500 Junior Steve Atwood was having some good competition with Mark McNulty and Rocky VanZant Steve took first overall with Rock VanZant in second and Mark McNulty close behind in third.

The 250 Pro class was a good one (as always). Once again, Rex Staten took first both motos, giving him first overall. Tommy Croft got second overall. He dumped it three times the first moto. Gary Jones dropped it once and Gaylon M osier also dumped it. Rich Grafton was really wailing today. He tried a new pipe and because his pipe didn't quite work out, he wasn't able to finish. The pipe broke the first moto and they welded it back together. Then the pipe broke completely off and that settled it. Rich didn't get to Finish. Gaylon Mosier finished third Dverall. <br /><br />250 Intermediate Dana Slater was doing well today with Joe Bonnello right on his tail. Those two fought it out both motos, but Dana got first the second moto, giving him the first overall, and Joe Bonnello got second overall. Marc Glover was right up there too, but got third overall, despite his great attempts to pass Dana and Joe.

The first 250 Junior class was fast Mark Asbury had first overall in his pocket Greg Walsh and Andrew Teclaw were battling it out for second and third. Greg Walsh ended up getting two seconds and second overall. Andrew Teclaw got two thirds and third overall. 250 Junior (second division) Jeff Newman was going super fast, but had Tom Grbavach gaining on him the whole race. Tom never caught up with Jeff, but finished second overall. Jeff finished first overall, and Luc Deley got third overall.

The 125 Pros were off and running once again. Tommy Croft was way out in front and finished first overall. Danny LaPorte got a second and a third. Danny ended up with second overall. Warren Reid was ripping today and got third overall. John Smith was back on the track once again today, but crashed a couple of times (like everyone else), thus making him lose a few places.

Steve Bartley was really really flying today. He should race Pro, he's that good. Really good! People really watched and commented on his style. Steve rides for Keamy Mesa Honda along with his two teammates, Wes Maine (who broke) and Dennis? (I never found out his last name). Dennis rode exceptionally well today and had a good lead until he bit the - "mud" on the downhill. He suffered a slight concussion and was knocked out for awhile. Anyway, Steve rode very very well today. Frank Pilato and John McGonical took second and third overall, but Steve was definitely the man to watch.

The first 125 Junior class was a funny one. All the riders were really bound and determined to make it through the mud without any hassle. Lots of them did, but then, lots of them didn't too. I don't know which rider it was, but one of them hit a mudhole and did a swan dive, just like Mike Steams did in the 250 Pro class. It was great for us, but crummy for him because he had to get his bike back up and try to get it started while the rest of the pack rode by crazily and splashed him with mud.

Barry Dee got first overall in the first 125 Junior division with John Grise taking second and Rodney Miller getting third. The second 125 Junior class didn't look quite as serious as the first, but they too had their share of accidents, just as every other class did. Danny Shuram took first overall by having a first and a third. Alan Jenkins and Darrell Hutchins were both after the same thing (not a pit tootsie, either!), second place. Neither one got a second either moto, but Alan Jenkins got second overall and Darrell Hutchins took third overall in good spirits.

Danny Dilkey took first place in the 100 Junior class today. Yeah, I guess you could say he smoked them. He looked extra good today. That's about it for this muddy rainy, but, fun day at Carlsbad, and once again CMC put on a great race, along with CRT.