February 19, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 6

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Moreno Valley MX at De Anza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday February 8, 1975

The fog at De Anza this Saturday was thicker than Molly Blue Heavy and kept rolling in and out before practice could get underway. Just when they were about ready to give out rain-checks, it lifted for good and left behind a flawlessly tacky track that was one hundred percent traction.

The 125 Beginners were the first to get to use it, and Steve Ackerson (Hon) quickly moved into the lead. It didn't last long, though, as Joe Feld (Suz) slipped past him and then began to stretch out a lead. Bill Pinckard (Suz) had to thread his way through traffic for most of the moto until he latched onto Ackerson's tail. A couple laps after that, he got by to capture second and held on for the checkered.

In the next moto, Feld made his intentions known early as he took over the lead from the first lap. Ackerson was right behind him, with Pinckard knocking at the door. On the third lap, Pinckard once again motored around Ackerson, only to lose everything by going down a few turns later and dropping all the way into last Ackerson took over second again, while Feld enjoyed his own relaxing lead.

The final moto saw some changes, though. Feld overcooked a berm and went down on the first lap. This gave the early lead to Aaron Post (Hon) who held onto it until Pinckard picked him off. With points to make up from the previous moto, Pinckard pushed it to the stops and gradually pulled away. Feld, meanwhile, found himself way back in traffic and spent half the moto just working his way clear. By the time he passed Post for second place, Pinckard was uncatchable, but Feld had the points, so he coasted home to an easy overall.

The 125 Intermediates once again ran with the 250's which resulted in some tacky mud-covered 125's. Brent Price (Hon) pulled off his usual hole shot and never once gave up the lead. Peter Schaff hauser (Hon) was putting on some first lap pressure when he slid out on the uphill sweeper and found himself with no more than first and second gear when he restarted. Gary Cain (Hon) took over second and that was the way they finished except for the rapid 125 Junior Rick Thomas (Hon) who berserked his way in between them.

In the second moto, it was Price once again getting to the first turn first, only this time Junior Thomas got past him and the two had a private battle up front. Rick Park (Hod) had second place under control, and Cain dropped out with a bang-tinkle-tinkle coming from his engine. Thomas held onto the lead, but Price had the Intermediate lead and scored his second win.

The final moto was practically a replay of the first. Price jetted into the lead, and no one could get by him. Thomas was running right on his tail again, but encountered some problems and dropped back. Park kept up a rapid pursuit in second, but Price was not to be caught and finished up with a clean sweep for the day, giving him a clear points advantage toward the six-week points race for the big trophy. 250 Intermediate Jeff Ritz is only a handfuU of points behind, though, and 125 Beginner Joe Feld also has a crack at it, so the final two weeks will be the ones to determine things for sure.