January 22, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 1

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CMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

CMC at Carlsbad Raceway
Sunday December 22, 1974
By: Valerie

The races today at Carlsbad were full of big name riders. Even the Junior classes were super fast Today they ran the 500 Pro class first, and backwards. Scott Montgomery, Rich Grafton, Doug Sherman, Jim West and Bill Rubly were just a few of the hotshoes that showed up here for CMC’s last race before Christmas. Rich Grafton got the hole shot the first tnoto and continued to lead until Jim West finally passed him on the sixth lap. Doug Sherman started out in about 7th place and moved up to 4th place during the 9th lap. Scott Montgomery (Bui) was in 4th place and moving up quickly until he dropped it the 5th lap.

Scott’s riding for Alba Bultaco in Chula Vista. Recently, Poppy Shocks gave Scott a pair of shocks and a chest protector. Scott said the shocks worked great. Bill Rubly held third place from the start to the finish. I guess it’s pretty obvious that Maicos are one of the best Open bikes around because the first four place riders were riding Maicos, except Scott Montgomery, who was riding a stock Bultaco. The second 500 Pro moto was just as fast and interesting as the first Jim West (Mai) ended up with the first overall position. Doug Sherman (Mai) finished second, Rich Grafton held third and Bill Rubly cleaned up with fourth place.

The 500 Intermediate class was exceptionally fast today. Stephen Dahlstrom (CZ) dominated the class, from start to finish. David Tanis (CZ) was really battling it out with some guy whose name I couldn’t find, but whose number was37C. The first lap, 37C was in fifth place and David Tanis was in second. The second lap, 37C moved up to fourth, while David held second and David Nuding (Yam) was in third. The third lap, 37C passed Nuding and was gaining on Tanis. In the fourth lap, 37C was In second with Tanis hot on his tail in third place. The fifth lap, Tanis passed the unknown star again, but by the sixth lap, 37C held the second place position right up until the checkered flag, leaving Stephen Dahlstrom (CZ) in first. David Moates and David Nuding were battling it out for fourth and fifth until Moates’ bike broke. His chain came off and the sprocket broke. That sure seems like -Moates’ luck”.

The second moto determined the overall winners which came in this order: Stephan DahlstromiCZi first, David Tanis (CZ) second, and David Nuding (Yam) third. The 500 Junior class was won by Ken Tuelner (Mai) with Sandy Pulford (CZ) finishing second and Michael Caldscibetta (Suz) coming in third. They ran really a quick good race.

The 250 Pro class was full of big name riders. Tommy Croft (Franks) got the hole shot and held the lead until the second lap when Gaylon Mosier passed him on the ledge. Roy Topham was in third place the whole moto. The fifth lap, and Rich Grafton was moving up. Mike Stearns (CZ) was holding fourth place and Rich was hot on his tail. Croft dropped out somewhere along the line in the second moto, leaving Mosier in the first overall position, Rich Grafton in second and Ray Topham in third.

I know that the boosters and parents of all the riders would like to see their sons and favorite riders written up, but ther isn’t space for evrybody on the track. I do try to write about the riders that are outstanding and the ones that the most people ask about. I regret that I can’t write everyone up, but if there is someone whom you’d like to here about, please contact me at Carlsbad any Sunday, and I’ll try to write up the rider or riders people seem most interested in. The 250 Intermediate class was won by Jack Hill on a Maico. Mike Pouthit (Hon) who came in second, ran a good race and Steve Morita i Hon) held a well deserved third. They also finished overall in that order.

The 250 Junior classes today were good ones. Mark Jacobsen (Yam) held first place and finished first overall. Dave Robinson (Hus) rode to a close second and Duane Crymes (CZ) finished with a fast third. The second 250 Junior division was dominated by Pat Walsh on a CZ. Terry Woodruff (Hon) came in second and Greg Walsh (Hus) rode to a hard earned third overall.

Now for some more big name riders in the 125 Pro class. Once again Tommy Croft (Franks) got the hole shot. Billy Urban (Hon) was riding hard in second and Marty Smith (Hon) was in third. John Smith and Warren Reid were battling it out for the fourth and fifth places. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but the overall places ended up like this: Marty Smith, first, Bill Urban second, Warren Reid third. What happened to Croft? I’m not sure, so I won’t comment. 125 Intermediate Kevin Crawford (Hon) ran a good race today which helped him to finish first overall. Mike Palhegyi (Hon) rode well and finished second, with Arden Hadley, third, close behind.

The 125 Junior class was won by Neal Potter (Hon) who was looking extra well today. Second overall was given to Steve Haase (Can-Am) who also rode well and third place was taken by Ronnie Rinden on a fast Honda. The second 125 Junior class was an interesting one. Rodney Miller (Hon) was definitely the first overall winner with Barry Dee (Hon) and John Josepho (Hon) battling it out for second and third. Dee came in second and Josepho took third. The day was full of good racing and I’m glad I was at Carlsbad. Everyone was in the Christmas spirit except one guy. Miki Motocross, who decided to come out of retirement one more time, was forced to go back into it when he sprained his foot trying to kick his CZ over. Cheers!